Every day 35 million Kenyans, 600 million Africans and 1.6 billion people around the
world live in the dark, entrenched in LIGHT Poverty.


In Africa, over 500 million people have no access to electricity. Nearly 80% of Kenyans are not connected to electrical infrastructures including land- line telephones, power transmission lines, or broadband internet and use an unhealthy, unsafe and environmentally damaging energy source, kerosene.
Others have tried to solve this problem with solar products, in Kenya alone there are over 50 imported solar lantern products saturating the market. The market penetration of these products has been meager.

Off-grid Kenyan families are averse to working within the limitations of stationary, static solar power sources because of concerns securing the devices from theft and balancing the chances of inclement weather while keeping the product in direct sunlight for hours per day to achieve full charge.
Any user error or cloudy weather forces Kenyans to choose between darkness and their only other alternative, kerosene.

It is time to prioritize energy as a human right in Africa!

Do you agree?!


Light Up Africa’s mission is to eliminate light and energy poverty through the combination of a platform and a clean, cheap, user-friendly product that provide access to energy off the grid. Our product is a grassroots response to bridge the energy gap in rural African communities that provides a mobile power source adapting to Kenyan lifestyles instead of demanding a change in their activities.
The energy generated by daily movements powers lights and charges mobile phones allowing Kenyans access to power in their own homes and eliminating their dependence on expensive, external sources.

Africa’s Lighting Story


$44.95 / 2yr

  • 2 Continents
  • 1 Million Users
  • 0 Back End Model
  • 12 Hours Max Light

Sun King Solo

$15 / 2yr

  • 2 Continents
  • 700,000 Users
  • 0 Back End Model
  • 24 Hours Max Light


$.20 / day

  • 7 Continents
  • Billions of Users
  • Harmful & Deadly
  • 2-4 Hours Max Light

Zoom System

$51 / once

  • 1 Country
  • 0 Users
  • EE Model To Repair
  • 16 Hours Max Light

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Light Bringers

In short, over the last 9 years, we have worked in more than a dozen countries around the world designing products and services for the bottom of the pyramid. We believe that the most powerful tool you can give someone, is a tool to empower their own lives.
We also have the industry experience necessary, through working with such companies and organizations as Caterpillar, IIT, and Engineers Without Borders, we believe we have the right tools to bring light to everyone in the world.



Web Development


Business Dev

Social Entreprenuership


Light Bringers

Alan Hurt Jr.

Alan Hurt Jr.

Founder & Chief Lighting Officer

I am a human being.




You Rock. You will be responsible for coming on board and seeing product development to fruition. You will lead the day-to-day management of the product development team, actively support the strategic vision, and drive the planning and implementation of project management to not only build a kickass product, but a team around the product.

Sofia Ghouse

Sofia Ghouse

VP Product Development

Sofia holds a passion for the cosmos and technology. Naturally, this led her to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering, During her time at IIT, she was introduced to the world of Engineers without Borders, which gave her a broader perspective for the engineering challenges throughout the developing world. She dreams of a world where children can share her dream; to look at the cosmos and be empowered and challenged to explore the world.

Ashik Mohideen

Ashik Mohideen

Design Fun-gineer

Ashik graduated with his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and has a deep-seeded passion to design product that change the world. As a product development engineer at Navistar, he is combining his talents in product design and innovation to lead all R & D activities related to mechanical systems. Simply put, Ashik wants to change the world!

Daniel Di Soma

Daniel Di Soma

Engineer of Awesomeness

Daniel has worked with Engineers without Borders developing sustainable solar electrification schemes in Haiti. An import of New Zealand, Daniel has worked in various roles in the electric utility sector, focusing on renewable energy systems. He is passionate about energy and addressing energy inequality in the world. He loves blues, news, and Five Guys burgers and fries.

Dr. Andrew Otieno

Dr. Andrew Otieno

Engineering Advisor

Phd, Mechanical Engineering, Grew up in Kenya and has significant experience in designing appropriate technologies for the developing world, Runs Jane Adeny Memorial School. Advisor to Engieers Without Borders - Northern Illinois University

Fanele Chester

Fanele Chester

Buz Developement

B.A. in Romance Languages & Literatures, French, University of Chicago. Fanele was born and raised in Swaziland, and from a very young age developed nomadic tendencies which have led me to her current location - Chicago, USA. She is pursuing my B.A. at the University of Chicago. She also blogs, writes for the African Youth Journals, attends numerous events on business (especially those with a focus on Africa ), and reads quite a bit about economics, financial markets, and education, among others.

Sebastian Morales

Sebastian Morales

Engineering Intern

Senior student and future Mechanical Engineer, Sebastian Morales has many great passions in life, among the strongest is the passion to invent! Sebastian sees an engineer as the perfect combination between a meticulous detective, looking for that missing piece, and a dreaming artist, imaginative and free — always committed to achieving the tasks that others may deem as science fiction.

Helen Lerums

Helen Lerums

Industrial Designer

Helen graduated with her BA of Industrial Design from Purdue University where she found a way to make a career out of curiosity and creativity. While a student, she discovered what motivated her as a designer -- to find solutions for developing countries. Design provided her the tools to solve problems, and with these tools she intends to improve the quality of life for others. Joining the LUA team was an exciting opportunity to make an impact.



HCD/Industrial Designer

You are intelligent, driven, and passionate about saving the world. You have industrial/human-entered design experience and want to put it to good use. You may be young, but you understand the start-up lifestyle and you are willing to work long hours and dig your heels in to eliminate Light Poverty. This job will take you to remote villages throughout the developing world - opening up your eyes to a vastly different world you may not be accustomed to. Still Interested? Ping us below!

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